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11th Feb 2022

039 - The Changing Activism Paradigm

Iyad and Ahmed discuss human rights and political activism around the world, and why it seems to fail so often.

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Episode Time tags:

2:00 – Feelings of pointlessness in human rights activism

4:30 – "Folk politics"

6:00 – Trump, pandemic & a new phase in geopolitics

10:00 – How do we continue human rights work into the future

16:30 – Creating solutions & tools

20:00 – Incrementalism vs radical change

26:00 – Centring people, not policy

31:30 – Outdated outlooks & ineptitude

36:00 – Climate change as a global crisis

41:00 – Changing politics & spheres of influence

43:00 – Legal challenges, boycotts & sanctions

50:00 – Establishing a theory of change

56:00 – Raising awareness vs creating change

59:00 – Thinking systemically rather than specifically

1:01:00 – Demonstrating leadership in human rights

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Global authoritarianism from a MENA perspective...
Iyad El-Baghdadi and Ahmed Gatnash study global authoritarianism, with a focus on the MENA region, and dive deep into universal strategies and tactics of authoritarians, as well as the best ways to resist.

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